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Jokes You Can Tell In Class - Institute of Global Professionals-IGP

Jokes You Can Tell In Class

Teacher, School, and Education Jokes

Did you know that laughter occurs unconsciously? Sure, we can fake a laugh, but it’s not the same as the laughter that comes without our willingness for it. Laughter is infectious! We can’t help but laugh when we hear someone else laughing. It brings people together socially and helps to create a happy and enjoyable atmosphere. Plus, laughter is known to help reduce stress, increase energy levels, and boost the immune system. The question is: why not laugh? The benefits are free, useful, and can help bring sunshine to what may seem like a gloomy day.

We have a wonderful section filled with fun, free, and safe humor for both students and teachers. These jokes can be printed out and shared in class. We have many to choose from that will have everyone laughing and having a good time! Remember, laughter is contagious! Let’s spread it around!

Laughing is some of the best medicine to help us get through those tough days. We have a number of clean jokes for students that help both you and them chuckle.

Even though the number of muscles to smile and frown are still under investigation, we can all agree that we would rather laugh. Our jokes that you can tell in class are broken down into the following sections:

LaughingChildren Related Teacher Jokes
  1. Ask a Police Officer
  2. At the Zoo
  3. Baby Sister
  4. Barber Shop
  5. Basement
  6. Camping Experience
  7. Career Choice
  8. Childish Thinking
  9. Children’s Moments Sermon
  10. Child’s View of Marriage
  11. Chore List
  12. City Life
  13. Coffee for Grandmother
  14. Cooking a Roast
  15. Diapers
  16. Doctor! Doctor!
  17. Fair Play
  18. First Haircut
  19. Fishing?
  20. How Old?
  21. In the Old Days…
  22. Lawnyer
  23. Name the States
  24. New Bicycle
  25. No Power?
  26. Offer of Help
  27. Playing Doctor
  28. Quiet Please
  29. Rudolph’s Surgery
  30. Sugar Bowl
  31. Summer Vacation
  32. Team Photos
  33. Teenage Celebration
  34. Telling Time
  35. Thank You Notes
  36. The Apple
  37. The Book
  38. The Funny Things Kids Say!
  39. The Misunderstood Boy Learning ABC’s
  40. The New Sitter
  41. The Psychiatrist’s Test
  42. The Tooth Fairy
  43. The Young Witness
  44. Things Your Mom Would Never Say to You
  45. This is the Captain
  46. Too Tall For His Own Good!


LaughingEducation Related Teacher Jokes
  1. A Cluttered Desk Is……
  2. A Helping Hand
  3. Abstract Noun
  4. Alpha Beta Gamma
  5. And We Wonder Why Teachers Get Headaches?
  6. Astronomy Quiz
  7. Back to School
  8. Being a Teacher
  9. Book For Sale
  10. Classmates?
  11. Computer Skills
  12. Concert Program
  13. Crayons
  14. CTC
  15. Cutting Class
  16. Dean’s List
  17. Doing Homework
  18. Driver Training
  19. Earth Science Class
  20. Educational Jargon
  21. First Day of School (a true story)
  22. First Week of School
  23. Following
  24. Football Coach
  25. Gone Metric?
  26. Grammatical Errors
  27. Help Is On The Way!
  28. Homework
  29. Homework- The Old Tale
  30. Late for School
  31. Literature Class
  32. Lollipops
  33. Magna Carta
  34. Parent-Teacher Conference
  35. Philosophy Exam
  36. Report Card Time
  37. School Daze
  38. School of Agriculture
  39. Setting Goals
  40. Sewing Lesson
  41. Speed of Learning
  42. Sports Illustrated
  43. Stop Sign
  44. Student Essays
  45. The Professor Makes Change
  46. The Student Athlete
  47. Think Like a Lawyer
  48. Walking to School
  49. What Would You Do?
  50. Why English Is So Hard To Learn?


LaughingFunny Lists For Teachers
  1. Actual 6th Grade History Test Answers
  2. Best Excuses For Not Having Your Homework
  3. Fractured Science
  4. Political Correctness for Teenagers
  5. Reasons Why Dogs Do Not Use Computers!
  6. School Answering Machine
  7. Teaching Math
  8. The Evolution of Teaching
  9. The Following Are Only Learned From College
  10. Top Ten NOT Surprising Facts About The Average Parent
  11. You Have To Think About These
  12. Why English Is So Hard To Learn?


LaughingOne-Liner Teacher Jokes
  1. Art Mirrors Life
  2. Be Careful What You Ask For…
  3. Canaries
  4. Computer Help
  5. Computer Store
  6. Copyright Explained
  7. Dangers of Technology
  8. Dining Out
  9. Etch-A-Sketch Tech Support
  10. Everything is Wonderful
  11. Fast Computer!
  12. Grocery Math
  13. Hang On!
  14. Peat Moss
  15. Pet Gift
  16. Ponder This
  17. Popping Ears
  18. Phone Repairs
  19. Ring-A-Ding
  20. Space Race?
  21. The Birth Certificate
  22. The Operation
  23. The Pun Contest
  24. The Verdict
  25. Turtle Mugging
  26. Two Atoms
  27. What does Winnie the Pooh and Alexander the Great have in common?
  28. What lies at the bottom of the ocean and twitches?
  29. Why does a pilgrim’s pants always fall down?
  30. Zookeeper’s English


LaughingOther Teacher Jokes
  1. A Pirate and Land-Lubber Conversation
  2. Abnormal Psychology
  3. Annual Physical
  4. At the Auction
  5. At the Border
  6. Auto Repair
  7. Baby Weight
  8. Back Pain
  9. Bad Customers
  10. Bad Golfer
  11. Bad Tips
  12. Basic Training
  13. Being Tall Isn’t All Its Cracked Up To Be
  14. Bragging
  15. Breakfast Out
  16. Can’t Stop
  17. City Slicker
  18. Clever Dog
  19. Creditors
  20. Dating Dinosaur Bones
  21. Dead Artists
  22. Dentist and Patient
  23. Do You Realize…
  24. Doctor Visit
  25. Dog License
  26. Drumming…
  27. Employment Test
  28. Frozen Turkeys
  29. Getting Away
  30. Getting Forgetful
  31. Golfing at Night?
  32. Good Advice
  33. Factory Supplies
  34. Flying Blind
  35. Hi-tech Car Locator
  36. Hope You Not A Lawyer
  37. Hospital Regulations
  38. Huge Sofa
  39. I Should Give Better Directions
  40. In My Day…
  41. IRS Audit
  42. Late To Work
  43. Laryngitis
  44. Lawyer Fees
  45. Lazy Worker
  46. Living A Long Healthy Life
  47. Military Computer
  48. Move the Car
  49. New Dog
  50. New Glasses
  51. The New Secretary
  52. Not A Thing
  53. Not in My Contract
  54. Organized?
  55. Pack a Parachute
  56. Paint Supply
  57. Parts is Parts
  58. The Phone Call
  59. Physical
  60. Poor Fido
  61. Puppy Love
  62. Put a Lid on It!
  63. Refrigerator
  64. Save Up Today!
  65. Shoe Purchase
  66. Smart Dog
  67. Spy Novel
  68. Surgeon and Architect
  69. Tales of Heroes
  70. Talking Clock
  71. Tattoos
  72. Telephone Mishap
  73. The Answer Iron
  74. The Big Presentation
  75. The Broken Lawnmower
  76. The Millionare With Alligators
  77. The Phone Call
  78. The Purse
  79. The Speaker
  80. The Young Business Man On The Phone
  81. To The Zoo?
  82. Toaster Oven
  83. Vacation Experience
  84. Warning?
  85. What Are We Doing?
  86. What’s Your Game?
  87. What’s Your Job?
  88. Where’s Paradise?
  89. Will It Be Long?


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