Connected Professional Learning Helps All Students Succeed

Create a comprehensive professional learning plan that gives educators the job-embedded support they need to enact meaningful changes for students.

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Comprehensive Professional Learning for Educators at Every Level


Effective professional learning isn’t a one-day event; it’s strategically planned, ongoing, and works towards measurable outcomes in the classroom. Districts can support both teachers and leaders with a research-backed professional learning program that’s built from layered learning experiences throughout the school year to create real impact for students.

Build a Program That Works Towards Student-Centered Outcomes


We work with districts to create a tailored one to three year professional learning plan that supports educators at all levels to work towards specific outcomes. Every personalized plan is split into four distinct phases to support initiatives from launch to completion.

The Building Blocks of Connected Professional Learning

BL Lab
The central hub of your professional learning experience. The BL Lab features data and tracking tools for administrators and a full library of self-directed BL Connect courses filled with research-backed strategies, tools, and resources.
In-person or virtual collaborative sessions for educators to learn new practices, develop actionable next steps, and create a plan to measure the efficacy of new practices in the classroom.
Virtual 1:1 support from expert instructional coaches who help build and sustain new practices through the Try-Measure-Learn method.
Learning Walks
Non-evaluative classroom observations for leaders to analyze trends in teacher practice and create a plan to support all educators with continued professional learning.
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