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The Importance of Health & Wellness

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Free International Webinar with ISO Verified e-certificate
We are glad to inform you that Institute of Global Professionals (IGP) is organizing an international webinar on-
“The Importance of Health & Wellness
Date: 14.09.2021
Time: 6 PM (Bangladesh Standard Time)(GMT/UTC +6)
Note- Please Check & Confirm Our Program Time With Your Time Zone
Certificate Code Must From July 12 2021, Which Available on Video sessions Certification Part.
Without Certificate Code No One is Eligible For Certificates
Video Will be Available always on our Facebook Page, Website, YouTube Channel
Who Wants to Learn, Anyone Can Join Us On Live Sessions Or Later/Recorded Sessions
We Don’t Have Any Restrictions For Learning.
Our Only Focus— Learn Anything You Want But Learning is Must
“The beautiful thing about learning is, nobody can take it away from you- B. B. King”
You Can Check All Recorded Webinar, Anytime on our YouTube Channel

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9 Ratings
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1 year ago
I have been looking forward to attend this particular webinar for some time. Actually I have been putting on some weight due to eating "fast food"(I swear,I loved eating fast food from online Food Apps, previously)but this particular webinar has been an EYE OPENER for me because all of a sudden I realised that l am a Science Student-Teacher,and what I am doing would be imitated by my students and all others who do not know the basics of this Balanced Diet Concept. My Goodness, I realised all of a sudden,and I am very much thankful to the esteemed speakers and my Inner Voice that l HAVE REALISED, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, ALTOGETHER STOPPED EATING "JUNK FOOD ",and the changes in my Yoga,Exercise and Brisk Walking for atleast 30 minutes for 9 days have already helped me to loosen up those adipose tissues (that's a different part, if I get approval from the Organizers and the Moderators,I would be happy to write an article dealing with the paradigm of this Balanced Diet-Hormonal Changes-Feedback Mechanism, which is Pure Biochemistry +Thermodynamics and Neuro-Endocrine Regulation) but I think I have to write it in a way easily understandable by General Public. Thank you so much TEAM IGP, SPEAKERS, & CURIOUS PARTICIPANTS for putting up a GREAT WEBINAR ON 14/09/2021,which, once again, as said earlier have IMMENSELY HELPED ME.KUDOS GUYS, 👌👌👌👌🙏NAMASTE FROM INDIA-Ms.Arnaba Chatterjee
1 year ago
I am grateful for each opportunity given in order to upskill our knowledge in teaching and taking care of ourselves. The Health and Wellness of one's self is important. Thanks, IGP.
2 years ago
Great talks!
2 years ago
Thank you igp
2 years ago
Health is wealth. This session enlighten us more on the importance of health and wellness in our life. Thank you very much to all speakers and IGP. More Power!
Thank you so much IGP for including this topic in the webinar series which is of great significance nowadays. Health issues are pervading as coronavirus is menacing, so much more if the immune system is weakening or when one is embroiling health-abuse way of life and everything has a detrimental domino effect. A must-watched webinar when you are worried about your health and even if you are not actually sick but no zest for life, no energy, or just half-sick, half-well. Most people are taking lightly on health and wellness when they are feeling physically well until such time that their lifestyle is getting inimical, they are alarmed. Prevention is better than cure goes the adage, so education on health and wellness is even more important just like any other field of discipline for what's the use of success when your health is in distress. Surely so informative colloquy, so revealing, and enlightening delivered by our marvelous speakers.
Pradipta Mandal
2 years ago
Great IGP👍
2 years ago
Thank you IGP for giving us this opportunity for professional development.
So nice topic. It will fulfill our lives. Thanks so much IGP.

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