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Subconscious Mind & Success

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Free International Webinar with ISO Verified e-certificate
We are glad to inform you that the Institute of Global Professionals (IGP) is organizing an international webinar on-
Subconscious Mind & Success
Date: 19.10.2021
Time: 6 PM (Bangladesh Standard Time)(GMT/UTC +6)
Note- Please Check & Confirm Our Program Time With Your Time Zone
Certificate Code Must From July 12, 2021, Which Available on Video sessions Certification Part.
Without Certificate Code No One is Eligible For Certificates
Video Will be Available always on our Facebook Page, Website, YouTube Channel
Who Wants to Learn, Anyone Can Join Us On Live Sessions Or Later/Recorded Sessions
We Don’t Have Any Restrictions For Learning.
Our Only Focus— Learn Anything You Want But Learning is Must
“The beautiful thing about learning is, nobody can take it away from you- B. B. King”
You Can Check All Recorded Webinar, Anytime on our YouTube Channel

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3 Ratings
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This webinar is quite awesome with two great speakers who shared their motivational insights. It is an unspeakable boon to me to be able to listen to their inspiring acumen. Our subconscious mind has immense power in controlling our life experiences. It makes up 88% of our brainpower and handles everything our body needs to function properly while seeking clarity, productivity, and energy. The remaining 12% of our brain, the conscious mind, has the sole purpose of interacting with the physical world. Others claimed the percentages as 95% - 5%. Anyways, studies revealed that the subconscious mind responds favorably to positive affirmations as it is connected to infinite intelligence. When our conscious mind succeeds in impressing the subconscious mind with our repeated actions, affirmations with our goals and desires, the subconscious mind would eventually express it and materialize in our physical world in a matter of time. Testimonies had it that on average, it takes affirmations 22 days to work or 66 days or longer to reach their full benefits. Our word creates our world for our thoughts create reality. What most people do not consider is when they complain constantly. When complaining becomes chronic it can become so taxing. When you do that you magnify the event even more to the point where your focus will cause you to attract even more of what you moan and groan about. Well I guess, all of us took the live quiz competition with great positivity to get a perfect score but most of us were stumped and baffled perhaps on what we thought of birds of the same feathers flock together but this time, with different feathers do. Overall, this webinar highlights the maximum importance of making the best or great versions of ourselves and that makes happiness the key to success. Thank you IGP for the opportunity of learning that is increasing, thereby making us great and amazing! Superb!
Very inspiring and useful topic. Thank you very much IGP and More Power!
It must help to improve our skills of Mental Health & also development ourselves.

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