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Planning for Population Education

1 Lesson
3 hours
All Levels

Free International Webinar – 1941 Institute of Global Professionals – …

What you'll learn
Set up the Governance, Sponsorship, Objective and overall Strategic Map should be agreed with the relevant Executive or Senior Manager
Setting Up Before Your Strategic Planning Workshop & Learn The StratSnap© & StratMap© Tools
Focus on 1st order level information with strategic snapshots and constant narrowing of focus
Define what a solution should deliver to determine beneficial business impact
Requirements for a successful strategic analysis and design outcome
Getting the right Governance in place: role of the Sponsor
Who Should Be The Delegates For The Strategic Workshop
Case Study Strategic Planning: Leadership Crisis Defused
Determine the objectives, essence, focus and critical issues to solve
Learn The StratSnap Critical Issues SnapShot process
Critical Factors: Determination, Characteristics & More
Setting Up The StratSnap Tool For Your Strategic Planning Workshop
Running The Strategic Planning Workshop: Brainstorming, Capturing & Synthesizing
In The Workshop: Critical Factor Analysis & Synthesizing
Using The StratSnap Tool: Demo & Explanation
The 2nd Part Of Your Strategic Planning Workshop: Ranking Critical Factors & Weighting
Managing scoring: Current, Forecast, Objectives, Historic & Trends
Analysing The Results & Developing & Completing The Strategy
Developing a Robust Strategic Design

Reminders While structuring a Paper

1 Lesson
3 hours
All Levels

Free International Webinar – 1940 Institute of Global Professionals – …

What you'll learn
UNDERSTAND the logic and structure of a research paper.
IDENTIFY the qualities that make a research paper effective.
KNOW what to write in every part of every section.
STREAMLINE your writing process to achieve a better paper in less time.
USE free software to create perfect citations in seconds.
MASTER English expressions that experienced writers use to write clearly and concisely.

Reading Difficulties of Learners

1 Lesson
3 hours
All Levels

Free International Webinar – 1939 Institute of Global Professionals – …

What you'll learn
You’ll develop effective English reading strategies for different text types and objectives.
You’ll enhance English reading speed and comprehension.
You’ll expand your English vocabulary through contextual learning.
You’ll improve critical thinking skills in relation to texts.
You’ll increase confidence in real-life and English reading exam contexts.
You’ll cultivate independent reading habits.

“Learn to Program & Program to Learn” (Using Coding Across the Curriculum)

1 Lesson
3 hours
All Levels

Free International Webinar – 1938 Institute of Global Professionals – …

What you'll learn
The essentials of leadership
Skills of Program Management
Tools of a Program Manager
Progressing in your career
How to find the right mentor
The organizations effecitve program structure
Management Skills

Art of Food Styling

1 Lesson
3 hours
All Levels

Free International Webinar – 1937 Institute of Global Professionals – …

What you'll learn
Master the art of controlling your camera settings for creating captivating food photos.
Achieve balanced exposure for professional-looking product photos by utilizing manual mode and the exposure triangle.
Switch from shooting all "AUTO" to manual, easing into it by mastering the exposure triangle.
Identify the best camera mode for optimal results in food photography.
Determine the appropriate aperture for various food photography scenarios.
Select the ideal shutter speed to capture or manipulate motion in food photography.
Adjust ISO settings to control light in food photography.
Analyze how lens choice affects camera settings in food photography.
Understand how the distance from the subject influences camera settings in food photography.
Control depth of field in food photography by applying appropriate aperture settings.
Learn techniques to freeze or blur motion in food photography using shutter speed.
Explore different light sources to create diverse moods and vibes in food photos.
Utilize household items as light modifiers to enhance product photos.
Photograph various food items, including fruits, vegetables, pastries, cakes, cupcakes, salads, and pasta.
Apply long-standing composition rules and guides to create impactful food photos.
Understand visual perception and create photos that connect with your audience.
Utilize lines, shapes, and patterns in product photography for enhanced visuals.
Properly crop and frame your product photos for maximum visual impact.
Choose the best orientation and angle to showcase the food effectively.
Understand the importance of prop styling and its role in food photography.
Recognize storytelling as the key ingredient in effective prop styling.
Adopt best practices in planning for a food photoshoot.
Grasp the significance of food styling and its impact on food photography.
Incorporate tips and best practices when sourcing food photography props.
Learn styling tips and techniques from actual food styling demos for different themes and vibes.
Master a basic photo editing workflow for achieving a fabulous final look.
Edit light and airy, dark and moody, and bright and colorful food photos effectively.

Phenomenology in Educational Research

1 Lesson
3 hours
All Levels

Free International Webinar – 1936 Institute of Global Professionals – …

What you'll learn
FORMULATE an intriguing but feasible research question.
DESIGN a criticism-proof study that minimizes alternative interpretations of your results.
MEASURE using the most suitable techniques to maximize reliability and validity.
COLLECT DATA while minimizing bias and using the right sample size.
ANALYZE your data correctly using free and easy-to-use software even if you have zero knowledge of statistics.
DRAW compelling conclusions that you can feel confident about.

Non-Euclidean Geometry

1 Lesson
3 hours
All Levels

Free International Webinar – 1932 Institute of Global Professionals – …

What you'll learn
Quadrilaterals, triangles, and circles, including calculations of angles, perimeter, and area
Three-dimensional geometry, including prisms, pyramids, cylinders, cones, and spheres
Transformations of figures, including translating, rotating, and reflecting
Logic and proofs, including conditionals and converses
Parallels and polygons, including interior and exterior angles
Triangle congruence, including SSS, ASA, SAS, AAS, HL, and CPCTC, plus the Pythagorean Theorem
Shapes in space, including distance between points in space
Dilations and scale factors, including triangle similarity statements

Classroom Bullying and its Effects

1 Lesson
3 hours
All Levels

Free International Webinar – 1931 Institute of Global Professionals – …

What you'll learn
Defining the causes and factors of bullying.
Identifying different forms of bullying.
Providing statistics of bullying in school.
Providing statistics of bullying in the workplace.
Bullying effects on mental health.
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