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Group Dynamics & Team Building & Teamwork

1 Lesson
3 hours
All Levels

Free International Webinar – 1807 Institute of Global Professionals – …

What you'll learn
Understanding Of Various Team Structures And Their Benefits And Drawbacks
Recognise And Understand The Different Types Of Team Structures And Their Impact On Team Dynamics And Performance
Knowledge Of The Factors That Contribute To The Success Of A Team And How To Apply These To Improve Teamwork
Ability To Assess Team Performance, Identify Areas For Improvement And Develop Action Plans For Improvement
Familiarity With Techniques For Conflict Resolution And Strategies For Preventing Future Conflicts Within A Team
Analyse The Factors That Contribute To High-Performing Teams, And Develop Strategies To Foster Teamwork, Collaboration And Communication
Apply The Principles Of Lean Management To Optimise Team Processes, Reduce Waste And Improve Overall Performance
Implement Effective Conflict Resolution Techniques To Manage Team Conflicts And Prevent Them From Escalating

Yogic Approach Towards Wellness

1 Lesson
3 hours
All Levels

Free International Webinar – 1806 Institute of Global Professionals – …

What you'll learn
Achieve Optimal Work-Life Balance: Learn effective strategies to prioritize and manage professional and personal commitments harmoniously.
Master the Science of Happiness: Discover evidence-based principles and practices to cultivate lasting happiness and fulfillment.
Enhance Emotional Intelligence: Develop emotional awareness and adaptability to foster meaningful relationships and overall well-being.
Boost Resilience and Mental Strength: Learn to bounce back from challenges and build resilience for a more confident and empowered life.
Harness the Power of Positive Habits: Acquire tools and techniques to create positive habits and break free from limiting patterns.
Practice Mindfulness for Inner Peace: Embrace mindfulness practices to reduce stress, improve focus, and live in the present moment.
Set Goals with Happiness in Mind: Discover goal-setting strategies that align with your well-being and lead to greater life satisfaction.
Boost Self-Confidence and Positivity: Develop a positive self-image and self-assurance to overcome obstacles and achieve goals.
Foster Optimism and Positive Thinking: Cultivate an optimistic mindset to approach challenges with resilience and a can-do attitude.
Achieve Success in Multiple Areas: Utilize positive psychology tools to improve physical, financial, career, and personal aspects of life. Enroll now and gain
Understand and apply the revolutionary Authentic Organizational and Employee Happiness (AOEH) Framework, empowering you to create a thriving and fulfilling work
Learn, understand, and apply the 8 Pillars of Authentic Organizational and Employee Happiness, fostering a positive and productive organizational culture.
Provide key characteristics that define an Authentic Happiness Organization, inspiring organizations to embrace genuine happiness as a core value.
Apply the Psychology Capital of a Chief Happiness Officer (CHO) in any organization, becoming an invaluable asset in enhancing employee well-being.
Empower your clients and organizations to become authentically happier, leading to improved productivity and overall success.
Align organizational and employee happiness to create a harmonious and thriving work culture.
Improve personal and business relationships through the principles of authentic happiness.

Challenges of Hybrid/Hyflex Class

1 Lesson
3 hours
All Levels

Free International Webinar – 1805 Institute of Global Professionals – …

What you'll learn
Set up a hybrid work model the right way
Maximize the advantages of remote and in-office work
Create a fair and inclusive hybrid work environment
Prepare for the future of work
Analyze, plan, manage, and evaluate a hybrid work model
Define the right success factors for hybrid work
Transition back to the office post-COVID

Power of Your Subconscious Mind Book review – Part 10

1 Lesson
3 hours
All Levels

Free International Webinar – 1804 Institute of Global Professionals – …

What you'll learn
3 Strategies to Get the Monkey Mind Under Control
3 Ways to Train Your Brain for Limitless Abundance
4 Techniques to Remove Limiting Beliefs for Personal Success
5 Creative Strategies to Expand Your Mental Awareness
5 Habits That Will Help You to Master Your Mind
7 Traits of Personal Mastery Demonstrated by Business Leaders
How to Use Both the Law of Attraction and Shadow Work for Personal Mastery
The 3 Best Ways to Investigate the Subconscious Mind
The 3 Differences Between Emotional intelligence and Mental Strength
The 5 Things You Never Knew About Your Own Psychology
The Conscious Mind Is Powerful But Self-Limited
Conscious Mind Needs The Help Of Your Subconscious Mind
Learn To Control Your Subconscious Mind
Techniques To Unleash Your Subconscious Mind
The Journey of Self-Discovery
The Path of Self-Discovery
The Little Voices In Your Head
Who Are You
The Conflict Between Good And Bad
Your Life Teacher
The Law Of Attraction
Learn To Manifest Your Dreams
Embrace The Changes Of Life

Mastering Life Skills

1 Lesson
3 hours
All Levels

Free International Webinar – 1803 Institute of Global Professionals – …

What you'll learn
Communicate Confidently in All Business and Personal Situations
Communicate in An Understandable Manner
Communicate in A Memorable Way
Communicate and Influence People
How to Master Every Communications Opportunity
Changes lives by communicating professionally

Values Integration in Various Discipline

1 Lesson
3 hours
All Levels

Free International Webinar – 1802 Institute of Global Professionals – …

What you'll learn
how to break your bad habits and form new, positive ones
how to escape the status quo bias that makes people avoid making changes in their lives
how to train your self-discipline to become a true master of your willpower
how to use strategic indulging to improve your diet adherence

Function Of Statistics and Statistician

1 Lesson
3 hours
All Levels

Free International Webinar – 1801 Institute of Global Professionals – …

What you'll learn
Learn the probability foundations of modern statistics
Mean, variance, skewness, and kurtosis, and their significance and application in finance
Apply maximum likelihood estimation and the method of moments to financial models
Master Python tools for handling financial data and carrying out statistical analysis on it

Career Development: Train & Manage the hidden potential

1 Lesson
3 hours
All Levels

Free International Webinar – 1800 Institute of Global Professionals – …

What you'll learn
October 2023 Updated + All Inclusive Certification on Udemy Level 1 Completion + Level 2 Practicums in Career Development Career Coaching.
Career Coaching 21 hours+ Interactive Career Development Training, 313+ Resources, 17 Ready-to-Use Sessions + Skills to Master Career Coaching.
Career Coaching Training in 4 Proprietary Holistic Career Development Coaching Systems Prepares You to Coach Anyone Online or In-Person Today.
Career Development Career Coaching is Comprehensive! Scroll Down & Click on SHOW FULL OVERVIEW to Discover the Benefits of Joining Today.
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