How to Graph Functions with Calculus

How to Graph Functions with Calculus

Badhan Das
Last Update November 29, 2023
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Free International Webinar – 1927

Institute of Global Professionals – IGP

Topic –How to Graph Functions with Calculus

Date: 06.12.2023 (06TH December 2023)

Time: 10 AM Bangladesh Standard Time.

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Learning Objectives

How to solve problems concerning limits and continuity of real-valued functions of 1 variable (illustrated with 491 solved problems) and why these methods work.
The structure and properties of the set of real numbers as an ordered field with the Axiom of Completeness, and consequences of this definition.
Arithmetic on the extended reals, and various types of indeterminate forms.
Supremum, infimum, and a reformulation of the Axiom of Completeness in these terms.
Number sequences and their convergence or divergence; the epsilon-definition of limits of sequences, with illustrations and examples; accumulation points.
Getting new limits from old limits: limit of the sum, difference, product, quotient, etc, of two sequences, with illustrations, formal proofs, and examples.
Squeeze Theorem for sequences
Squeeze Theorem for functions
The concept of a finite limit of a real-valued function of one real variable in a point: Cauchy's definition, Heine's definition; proof of their equivalence.
Limits at infinity and infinite limits of functions: Cauchy's definition (epsilon-delta) and Heine's definition (sequential) of such limits; their equivalence.
Limit of the sum, difference, product, quotient of two functions; limit of composition of two functions.
Properties of continuous functions: The Boundedness Theorem, The Max-Min Theorem, The Intermediate-Value Theorem.
Limits and continuity of elementary functions (polynomials, rational f., trigonometric and inverse trigonometric f., exponential, logarithmic and power f.).
Some standard limits in zero: sin(x)/x, tan(x)/x, (e^x-1)/x, ln(x+1)/x and a glimpse into their future applications in Differential Calculus.
Some standard limits in the infinity: a comparison of polynomial growth (more generally: growth described by power f.), exponential, and logarithmic growth.
Continuous extensions and removable discontinuities; examples of discontinuous functions in one, several, or even infinitely many points in the domain.
Starting thinking about plotting functions: domain, range, behaviour around accumulation points outside the domain, asymptotes (vertical, horizontal, slant).
An introduction to more advanced topics: Cauchy sequences and their convergence; a word about complete spaces; limits and continuity in metric spaces.

Material Includes

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Target Audience

  • University and college students wanting to learn Single Variable Calculus (or Real Analysis)
  • High school students curious about university mathematics; the course is intended for purchase by adults for these students


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How to Graph Functions with Calculus

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