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Classroom Observation and its Importance in Teaching

Categories: Classroom Management
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We are glad to inform you that the Institute of Global Professionals (IGP) is organizing an international webinar on-

“Classroom Observation and its Importance in Teaching

Date: 04.03.2023

Time: 10 A(Bangladesh Standard Time)(GMT/UTC +6)
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What Will You Learn?

  • How to create a classroom management plan that helps build an environment conducive to learning where everyone feels safe, respected & enjoys school.
  • How to utilize strategic thinking and planning to formulate your classroom management plan to improve teaching and each students' educational experience
  • Understand the importance of and create core values, vision, mission statement, and goals ... the cornerstone of your classroom management plan
  • How to collaboratively create classroom rules & achieve buy-in to help improve teaching and learning.
  • Construct and teach effective procedures to solidify structure and stability throughout the school day.
  • Institute a meaningful rewards & motivation system to help build good classroom habits that focus on positive behaviors.
  • Create a hierachy of consequences that are fair and effective to help curve discipline issues.
  • Incorporate tier-one strategies to build a healthy learning community for all children.
  • Utilize effective attention signals to quickly and efficiently focus students.
  • Utilize the Classroom Management Dashboard to capture data, check for fidelity, and seek out growth opportunities.

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2 weeks ago
Classroom observation is really important because in this way, we can be able to assess if our teaching strategies are effective and what are the things that we need to improve as we are being observed by teachers, principal, division superintendent and etc.
2 weeks ago
Techniques and strategies are well explained. thanks for the vry nice input, it really helps a lot
2 weeks ago
Thumbs up!
2 weeks ago
Thank you for the techniques and strategies.
3 weeks ago
Classroom observation is very important in order to improve my way of teaching. It checks and adjusts a teacher's performance meaning that students get the most out of their lessons, improving their academic performance and, thus improving the overall performance of the school.
3 weeks ago
A fost foarte util și interesant!
3 weeks ago
Yes, it was amazing. Topics were relevant and informative
3 weeks ago
Very educational!
3 weeks ago
Classroom observation needs a lot of efforts in preparing the lesson. It needs to have mastery of the lesson to deliver the lesson well. The lesson must appropriate the capacity of the learners and the evaluation helps the teacher identify the needs of learners or if the method is effective.
3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago
Yes, it is a good match to me. I've learned a lot of things in the webinar. I learned about what class observation is, what is its purpose or importance in teaching, its advantages and disadvantages, and a lot more.
3 weeks ago
It helps me more understand the importance of classroom observations.
3 weeks ago
The course was informative and really applicable in teaching field. It gives a lot of help in the preparation and application of classroom observations.
Very essential and I gained a lot of knowledge. I have now an idea on what are the things to be expected during classroom observation
3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago
Informative .Thank you so much.
3 weeks ago
Great discussion. Very informative.
It was educational and insightful
3 weeks ago
Thank you
3 weeks ago
This kind of webinar is very timely.
Very well explained and I understand it very well.
3 weeks ago
I like the course because it's help me to understand the important to observe if the teaching is effective inside the classroom.
3 weeks ago
This course would be very informative and helpful in improving my performance during classroom observation.
3 weeks ago
very informative
3 weeks ago
It is very important to me that I have to know the importance of classroom observation as a regular teacher.
3 weeks ago
It's useful and excellent.
3 weeks ago
It gives me more ideas on classroom teaching strategies.
3 weeks ago
Great learning session.
3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago
apply in my teaching carreer.
3 weeks ago
Thank U very much!
4 weeks ago
Very impressive
4 weeks ago

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