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Getting Things Done Technique

1 Lesson
56 hours

International Free Webinar-1370 “Getting Things Done Technique“ Date: 16.04.2023 (16th  …

What you'll learn
Create Scrumlife habit to increase motivation and efficiency at daily works
Manage works using Kanban
Set good long-term and short-term goals
Limit Work in Progress to be more focused and get more things done
Keep workflow smooth by frequently adapting to impediments and changes
Improve yourself by maintaining continuous improvement
Getting things done
Missing important tasks
Transparent for teamwork

The Principles of Andragogy in Education

1 Lesson
27 hours
All Levels

International Free Webinar-1379 “The Principles of Andragogy in Education“ Date: …

What you'll learn
Design Microservices Architecture with using Design Patterns, Principles and the Best Practices
Learn how to handle millions of request with designing system for High Availability, High Scalability, low latency, and resilience to network failures
Journey of Software Architecture Design from Monolithic to Serverless Microservices
Step by step evolving architecture from Monolithic to Event-driven Microservices Architecture
Design E-commerce App with Monolithic - Layered - Clean - Modular Monolithic - Microservices - Event-Driven Architecture and Serverless Microservices
Microservices Decomposition Strategies
Microservices Communications (Sync / Async Message-Based Communication, API Gateways))
Microservices Data Management (Databases / Query / Commands / Distributed Transactions)
Microservices Distributed Transaction Management
Microservices Distributed Caching
Microservices Deployments with Containers and Orchestrators
Microservices Resilience, Observability, Monitoring
Microservices Design Patterns and Best Practices
The Database-per-Service Pattern, Polyglot Persistence and The Shared Database Anti-Pattern
API Gateway Pattern, Backends for Frontends Pattern-BFF, Gateway Routing/Aggregation/Offloading Pattern
Service Aggregator Pattern, Service Registry/Discovery Pattern
Materialized View Pattern, Database Sharding Pattern, CAP Theorem
Fan-out Publish/Subscribe Messaging Pattern, Topic-Queue Chaining & Load Balancing Pattern
CQRS and Event Sourcing Patterns, Eventual Consistency Principle, CAP Theorem
SAGA Pattern — Choreography-based/Orchestration-based SAGA, Compensating Transaction Pattern
Transactional Outbox Pattern, Dual Write Problem
CDC — Change Data Capture with Outbox Pattern
Code Review for Existing Microservices Architecture Repository on GitHub
Event Hubs and Real-time Event Streaming in Event-Driven Microservices Architecture
Cache-Aside Pattern for Microservices Distributed Caching
Sidecar Pattern, Service Mesh Pattern
DevOps and CI/CD Pipelines for Microservices Deployments
Deployment Strategies for Microservices: Blue-green, Rolling and Canary deployments
Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and usage in Microservices Deployments
Microservices Resilience, Observability and Monitoring Patterns
Retry and Circuit Breaker Patterns
Bulkhead / Timeout / Cache / Fallback Patterns
Elastic Stack for Microservices Observability with Distributed Logging
Microservices Health Checks: Liveness, Readiness and Performance Checks
Serverless Microservices Architecture implementation on AWS
Hands-on Design Activities, Iterate Design Architecture from On-Premises to Cloud Serverless architectures
Refactoring System Design for handling million of requests
Prepare for Software Architecture Interviews
Prepare for System Design Architecture Interviews

ORCID: Benefits for Authors

1 Lesson
58 hours
All Levels

International Free Webinar-1380 “ORCID: Benefits for Authors“ Date: 19.04.2023 (19th  …

What you'll learn
What is compensation and benefits
How to conduct job analysis
How to conduct job evaluation
How to create a pay structure
How to interpret salary survey data

Importance of Culture in Education

1 Lesson
26 hours
All Levels

International Free Webinar-1389 “Importance of Culture in Education“ Date: 27.04.2023 …

What you'll learn
Conquer your anxiety about giving or receiving feedback so that it becomes second nature
Identify feedback style in yourself and others
Recognize the benefits of feedback, and the consequence of not generously offering it
Determine what might be holding you back from freely giving and receiving feedback
Discover a four-step process to effectively deliver feedback
Avoid the most common feedback errors and debunk common feedback myths
Receive feedback openly and put it into practice using an AIM SMART Plan
Make an action plan to bring a culture of feedback to your organization

Research using Systematic Literature Review

1 Lesson
52 hours

International Free Webinar-1406 “Research using Systematic Literature Review“ Date: 06.05.2023 …

What you'll learn
How to conduct a step-by-step process for an evidence-based literature search and review.
How to do a search that is comprehensive without being too broad and time consuming.
How to keep a record of and report the process for replication.
How to review only literature that is relevant to your project.
How to report search and review information that is acceptable for peer-reviewed publication.
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