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Regional Co-operation and International Financial Environment

(1 rating)
1 Lesson
3 hours
All Levels
What you'll learn
Work comfortably with Microsoft Excel
Format spreadsheets professionally
Perform routine tasks quicker
Create professional charts in Microsoft Excel
Efficiently work with vast amounts of data
Understand accounting and bookkeeping principles
Build a company’s P&L from scratch
Create a company’s balance sheet
Perform Financial statement analysis
Understand the timing of revenue and cost recognition
Calculate liquidity, solvency, profitability, and growth ratios to analyze a company’s performance
Understand 10-K reports
Assess whether a project is feasible via the net present value (NPV) technique
Calculate a complete loan schedule
Know the difference between variable and fixed interest rates
Perform industry analysis
Realize what drives a company’s value
Know how to analyze a business
Work comfortably with Microsoft PowerPoint
Create professional company presentations in PowerPoint
Become a successful Financial Analyst – if you follow the course entirely!

Interactive Teaching Strategies : Fostering Student Participation

1 Lesson
3 hours
All Levels
What you'll learn
By the end of the course you will be able to implement the characteristics of Engaging and Interactive teaching into your everyday practice
Choosing the right activities for your students
Make good and interactive lessons
Optimize your teaching methods and strategies
Comprehend students' minds and plan your lessons effectively .

Exploring the Interconnected Web: Relating Topics to the Broader Aspects

1 Lesson
3 hours
All Levels
What you'll learn
We have designed the course in such a way that it simulates on-the job kind of training.
This course is primarily designed for the beginners/freshers in information system audit and hence we will start from basic aspects of IS audits.
After completion of this training program, you will be able to independently handle the IS audits.
For effective and efficient audit program, we have bifurcated Information System audits into 12 step processes.

power of neuro plasticity

1 Lesson
3 hours
All Levels
What you'll learn
The conscious use of language – Milton & Meta model approaches.
Know how the mind works – the processes and the programming.
Take complete control of your thinking with the power of Anchoring.
Become aware of how people communicate, learn, change and develop.
How to formulate a vision for the future that is aligned with your values.
The history, study, structure and healthy presuppositions of NLP.
A process for setting meaningful goals and taking decisive action.
How to develop meaningful rapport with people and earn their trust.
A time-honoured framework for effective coaching and mentoring.
And much, much more (please review the full course curriculum).


1 Lesson
3 hours
All Levels
What you'll learn
Understand how to be a great communicator
Become a stronger listener
Appear professional to co-workers and bosses of all ages
Avoid common career blunders that often end careers
Manage expectations for bosses and colleagues
Position yourself for promotions
Make technology your asset, even if you are afraid of technology
Avoid the Not My Job Syndrome
Develop EQ to Match Your IQ
Develop leadership qualities
Master the art of pitching yourelf
Improve your remote selling abilities
Learn to master difficult conversations

Advancing Science Education in Developing Nations

1 Lesson
3 hours
All Levels
What you'll learn
The course provides the entire toolbox you need to become a data scientist
Fill up your resume with in demand data science skills: Statistical analysis, Python programming with NumPy, pandas, matplotlib, and Seaborn, Advanced statistical analysis, Tableau, Machine Learning with stats models and scikit-learn, Deep learning with TensorFlow
Impress interviewers by showing an understanding of the data science field
Learn how to pre-process data
Understand the mathematics behind Machine Learning (an absolute must which other courses don’t teach!)
Start coding in Python and learn how to use it for statistical analysis
Perform linear and logistic regressions in Python
Carry out cluster and factor analysis
Be able to create Machine Learning algorithms in Python, using NumPy, statsmodels and scikit-learn
Apply your skills to real-life business cases
Use state-of-the-art Deep Learning frameworks such as Google’s TensorFlowDevelop a business intuition while coding and solving tasks with big data
Unfold the power of deep neural networks
Improve Machine Learning algorithms by studying underfitting, overfitting, training, validation, n-fold cross validation, testing, and how hyperparameters could improve performance
Warm up your fingers as you will be eager to apply everything you have learned here to more and more real-life situations
All Levels

Diversity and Inclusion


Diversity and Inclusion

(2 ratings)
1 Lesson
3 hours
All Levels
What you'll learn
Understand the benefits of diversity and inclusion, including social advantages and improved profitability.
Develop practical strategies for implementing diversity and inclusion within your organization.
Identify and tackle barriers to inclusion, while understanding how to navigate microaggressions.
Keep updated with the latest trends, practices, and developments in the field of diversity and inclusion.
Recognize and leverage your leadership role in cultivating a culture of diversity and inclusivity, setting professional standards.
Learn how to measure, assess, and continually refine your organization's diversity and inclusion efforts.
Identify, minimize, and eliminate different forms of unconscious bias, including internalised biases.
Make more objective and effective decisions, avoiding impulsive decisions that may undermine diversity goals.
Understand and appreciate the cultural values, profiles, and subcultures across different nations.
Avoid overgeneralization in dealing with cultural profiles, taking individual variations into account.
Enhance cross-cultural communication through effective spoken language, body language, and gestures.
Implement business and negotiation strategies employed in various countries for successful international business operations.
Leverage best practices to confidently conduct business abroad and present oneself effectively in diverse cultural settings.
Employ effective methods for international team-building and navigate different cultural approaches to conflict management.
Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to thrive in any international business setting, fostering inclusive and collaborative work environments.

Strategic ITSM Excellence: Navigating the Digital Transformation Landscape

(1 rating)
1 Lesson
3 hours
All Levels
What you'll learn
An essential framework for launching, delivering & executing digital transformation
How to structure a digital transformation
What precisely digital transformation is
Understand innovation and how it's different to digital transformation
What it takes to make digital transformations successful
What makes digital transformations fail
Why resistance to change is a major obstacle to digital transformation and a strategy to deal with it
The two types of strategy essential for digital transformation (Delivery Strategy vs Execution Strategy)
The importance of a digital transformation vision
Delivery strategies and how they are structured
The importance of innovation hubs
The importance of a fit for purpose digital transformation culture and how to embed it
The role of psychological safety in digital transformation
The best way to monitor and measure performance of a digital transformation
Design thinking
Technology architecture for digital transformation
A range of technologies that are important in digital transformation

Electronic Management

1 Lesson
3 hours
All Levels
What you'll learn
End-to-End Electronic Bank Statement Configuration in SAP S4HANA 2021
How to read an Electronic Bank Statement of MT940 type
How to modify and debug MT940
Interpretation algorithms in EBS Process
What are Bank Transaction Codes (BTC) in EBS
Search Strings for EBS in S4HANA
New "Cash Account" type GL accounts in S4HANA 2021 for Bank Accounts
SAP Best Practices for House Bank GLs in S4HANA 2021
Business Partner creation in SAP S4HANA 2021
Vendor Invoice posting
Automatic Payment Program Configuration (FBZP) in SAP S4HANA 2021
Payment Method Configuration - Bank Transfer and Cheque
Automatic Payment Program (F110) Execution in SAP S4HANA 2021
Cheque management in SAP S4HANA
Deletion of Bank Statements in SAP S4HANA
Bank Statement related Tables in SAP

Emotional Intelligence and It’s Impact

(1 rating)
1 Lesson
3 hours
All Levels
What you'll learn
The biological and psychological aspects of emotions (and how to teach this to your life coaching clients)
How thoughts and emotions work to create your life experience (and how to teach this to your life coaching clients)
How you (and your life coaching clients) can manage emotions and take back your power
How you (and your life coaching clients) can develop emotional intelligence (EQ)
Coach your life coaching clients to develop self-awareness / emotional awareness
Use NLP techniques with your life coaching clients to shift their emotions
How to use emotional intelligence tools to help your coaching clients reduce stress
How to use emotional intelligence tools to help your coaching clients to increase motivation and personal power
How to use emotional intelligence tools to help your coaching clients improve interpersonal relationships
How emotional intelligence impacts almost every aspect of life
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