Tummy Time

What Is Tummy Time? Tummy time is laying babies on their stomachs for brief periods while they’re awake. It’s an important way to help babies strengthen their neck and shoulder muscles, and improve motor skills. Be sure to stay with your baby and watch closely during tummy time. What Can Tummy Time Help With? Tummy …

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Toe Walking

What Is Toe Walking? Toe walking is when kids walk on the balls of their feet, with their heels off the ground. It’s common in toddlers as they learn to walk. Most children stop toe walking on their own by age 2. What Causes Toe Walking? Kids might toe walk because: They’re learning to walk. …

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What Is Out-Toeing? Out-toeing is when feet point outward while walking. It happens to a lot of kids when they are learning to walk. It’s not painful and it usually gets better as kids grow older. Almost all toddlers who out-toe learn to run, jump, and play as they grow up, just the same as …

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In-Toeing What Is In-Toeing? In-toeing is when feet point inward while walking. It happens in a lot of kids who are learning to walk. Sometimes people call it walking “pigeon-toed.” Almost all toddlers who in-toe learn to run, jump, and play the same as other kids. What Are the Signs of In-Toeing? Kids with in-toeing …

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