Animated Educational Arcade

Our Animated Educational Games

    • Note: All of these games require Flash player. If you do not have Flash player, click here to get it for FREE.

    • Bingo– Choose from three types of Bingo to play. No money involved, this is just for fun.

    • Binker– Poor little Binker has a mean kitty neighbor. Help him avoid his neighbor’s cat food and fish attacks.

    • Blocks-a-Dropping– This is a thought provoking game…very similar to the ever-popular Tetris.

    • Carnival Jackpot– Breakout your beads and step up to see how lucky you are! Switch two gems to get three in a row.

    • Dance Party– Boogie till you drop with Steve and Steve. You’ll see they didn’t attend dance lessons.
    • Diego Smart– You’re a photojournalist with an assignment to capture evidence of legendary artifacts.
    • Doubles Pong– A 2-player version of the classic game Pong. The old home arcade hit. You’ll need a friend to play this one.
    • English Saves The Day– Battle an evil robot by recognizing adverbs, prepositions, nouns, and few other things you learned in English class.
    • Fishing– Just a fun game for rainy days! Make sure to check only the small fish.
    • Flash Card Math– Test your basic math skills with Flash Card Math. Includes addition, division, multiplication, and subtraction.
    • Hall Duty– You’re a teacher on hall duty. Stop students from running in the halls to win big points.
    • Hang Man– A fun game made to improve vocabulary and spelling. Has multiple word lists.
    • Letter Rip– Make as many words as you can in 2 minutes to advance to the next round
    • Mercury Makeover– This simulation allows you to fire three different types of asteroids at Mercury and assess the damage they cause.
    • Picture Puzzle– An interactive jigsaw puzzle complete with sound. We hope you like bears
    • Press Your Luck!– A fun game that helps you learn to use the keyboard without looking at the keys


    • Shape Matching Game– Great for hand-eye coordination. Click on the shapes that appear on the top before time runs out!
    • Simon v1.0– The family classic game. Remember the pattern of lights and then play them back. The home game classic!
  • Tic Tac Toe– The old family classic game with a slight modern twist.
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